12 March 2024

GEIR General Annual Meeting – March 2024

The GEIR Annual General Meeting (AGM) was held on 6 March, in Brussels. As part of an overall strategic plan to streamline the activities of the association, GEIR reiterated its vision for ‘’a sustainable world where all waste oils are re-refined’’. In support of its mission to ‘’raise awareness about the essential role of the re-refining sector in the circular economy’’, a new logo and website were unveiled.

Members discussed the critical role of the re-refining industry in achieving environmental sustainability goals, particularly in light of the European Commission's recommendations for the 2040 emissions reduction target.

Marco Codognola, President of GEIR, stressed GEIR's commitment to these 2040 targets, which aim to boost European competitiveness while promoting circularity and the efficient use of resources.

GEIR will continue advocating for legislative targets to increase the collection and regeneration of waste oils. GEIR members play a crucial role in the circular economy by developing the used oil value chain, focusing on quality, technology, and equivalence with virgin products - essential elements for the successful introduction and use of recycled products in the economy.