About GEIR


A sustainable world where all waste oils are re-refined.

OUR mission

To raise awareness about the essential role of the re-refining sector in the circular economy.

Groupement Européen de l’Industrie de la Régénération in short GEIR is the European re-refining industry section of the Union of the European Lubricants Industry (UEIL).

As the voice for the re-refining sector, GEIR represents its members and actively engages with a variety of stakeholders, including policymakers, to raise awareness about the re-refining industry and provide information about re-refining, from technical and environmental perspectives.

The work of GEIR revolves mainly around monitoring market developments, fostering the highest product safety & technology, and sustainability.

Additionally, it offers a platform for members to exchange expertise and best practices, fostering an environment that promotes contributions to the overall advancement of the re-refining sector.