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Waste Framework Directive revision: European waste oil re-refining releases industry position


GEIR is the European Waste Oil Re-refining Industry Association. GEIR member companies are active throughout Europe in supporting the collection of used oils and re-refining these back to valuable lubricant base oils. GEIR represents 80% of the waste oil re-refining industry in Europe.

Used lubricating oils are the largest amount of liquid, non-aqueous hazardous waste in the world. The re-refining industry is entirely integrating the philosophy of circular economy in its daily business. Our activities aims at saving valuable raw material (crude oil) by re-refining used oil and turning it into a valuable raw material (base oil) for the lubricants market, the quality of which can be compared to that of virgin base oils.

Not to be confused with cooking oil, lubricating oils are used in every day mechanical processes. Applications range from automotive and transport to industrial production or escalators and lifts
sectors. Lubricating oils are essential products that keep moving parts apart, reduce friction, carry away contaminants and debris, transfer heat and prevent corrosion for which the demand is high across Europe.

Read GEIR full position paper on the Waste Framework Directive Revision.