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GEIR news March 2019


Almost a year after the adoption of the revised Waste Framework Directive (2018/851/EU), the European Re-refining Industry Association, GEIR, is still dedicated to ensuring that improvements brought by the updated provisions on waste oils will provide enhanced business conditions.

As the new Directive requires the European Commission to examine the feasibility of setting a recycling target for waste oils by 2022, the institution is currently developing a reporting template for Member States. The template will enable the compilation of detailed data on lubricant consumption, collection and utilisation of waste oils in a harmonized way across the EU.

This task is of crucial importance for the industry and should not be underestimated. Indeed, the future reporting template is not to be considered as a mere administrative document for the sole use of the European Commission. On the contrary, once available, the data reported by Member States will constitute a real value for our sector. Until now, only the Union of the European Lubricants Industry (UEIL) and GEIR were aggregating such data for selected EU countries. The official source EUROSTAT showed shortcomings when reporting is not done in a harmonised way and was therefore subject to inconsistencies.

Business decisions cannot be based on approximations but need to be supported by reliable numbers. Making consistent national data publicly accessible at EU level will thus provide a better overview and understanding of the lubricant and waste oils market, enabling well-informed business decisions. This is a real benefit for our sector. First reporting year will be 2020.

Together with other industry stakeholders, GEIR is therefore sharing its expertise to ensure that the future data reported at EU level will be both meaningful and of great value – it is in our best interest!