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GEIR news June 2020


The EU stays the course

In the new rather uncertain economic environment created by the pandemic it is reassuring when decision-makers stick with their pre-crisis plan. Luckily for the European waste oils re-refining sector, this is exactly what is happening at EU level.

The European Commission’s science and knowledge service (the Joint Research Center – JRC, supporting EU policies with independent scientific evidence) recently published a call for tender to support its work on waste oils. Such study will feed in the long-anticipated Commission’s assessment of the feasibility of setting a recycling target for waste oils, and the soon-to-be hired consultants, tasked with gathering “detailed technical and socio-economic data with regard to waste oil treatment options, including regeneration and energy recovery”, will hand over their final report by the end of 2020. This means the EU executive still aims to deliver the assessment by its 2022 initial timeline, as reiterated in the recent Circular Economy Action Plan – described as the economic heart of the Green Deal.

With EU Commissioners placing the Green Deal at the core of its recovery package ‘Next Generation EU’, this development should not come as a surprise. Although given the actual context, all good news are welcome!