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GEIR News December 2020


The last quarter of 2020 brought a lot of changes to GEIR: its members first welcomed a new President, Marco Codognola from Itelyum, then GEIR’s first technical secretary, Valentina Lucchini, and eventually the creation of five area groups to coordinate the association’s activities. Led by members of the steering committee, these groups will focus on the following: 1) product safety, 2) environment and technology, 3) market, regulations and relationships, 4) sustainability, and 5) general matters. These structural improvements will ensure that GEIR delivers high quality material, works more efficiently, positions itself on a wider range of topics, and subsequently engages more successfully at EU level.

Meanwhile the European Commission’s Joint Research Center (JRC) – the Commission’s scientific body, officially kickstarted its first study on waste oils treatment in October. The initial data collection exercise was presented to all relevant stakeholders, including GEIR, with a view to seeking their future collaboration. The gathered data and results will notably inform the Commission on the feasibility and need to promote further waste oil regeneration at EU level. GEIR’s membership is actively contributing to the study.

In addition, GEIR is also closely monitoring the European Parliament, which is drafting a report on the Circular Economy. While it will simply inform the European Commission, any support for waste oils regeneration by the institution will be very welcome, especially in light of the JRC’s activities. The resolution will be adopted in February 2021.