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GEIR 50th anniversary featured in the Lube Magazine!


Dr. Christian Hartmann’s article “Re-refining success – GEIR celebrates its 50th anniversary” is featured in the Lube Magazine, issue n°154 December 2019.

“If year 1969 remains in everyone’s minds as the year of the first manned landing on the Moon and Neil Armstrong’s first steps on the Earth’s satellite, this year is also most significant for the regeneration industry. It is indeed in 1969 that inspired businessmen Mr. Brassart (France), Schieppati (Italy) and Haberland (Germany) decided to reach for their own European stars, by founding GEIR (le Groupement Européen de l’Industrie de la Régénération) – the European Regeneration Industry section of UEIL (Independent Union of the European Lubricants industry).”

Read the full article by clicking here Lube Magazine _GEIR_50th anniversary_Re-refining success or visit the Lube Magazine website